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Irish Crochet Technique

Irish crochet is originally from Ireland. You crochet individual motifs and then connect them with a net.

I learned it from youtube videos and pinterest and the book “Go-To Book for Irish Crochet Motifs” and I have learned a lot from the Facebook group “Irish crochet” from Doris Brigitte Hoffmann.

Unfortunately there are not many english videos at all. There are a few English ones, most of them are  in Russian. That’s why I translate my keywords into cyrillic via google and then search for it on  youtube. 

The net is the hardest part. If you enter irish crochet mesh on youtube you will find instructions in english.

Here are links to videos for the net:

You can also find beautiful motifs on her channel.

Another great channel for flowers, leaves, borders, butterflies etc is:

I also got a lot of inspiration from Doris Brigitte Hoffmann’s great Facebook group called “Irish Crochet“.

You need 10 or 20 gauge crochet thread for irish crochet.and crochet hooks  from 0,5-0,90. The net is usually made of thinner yarn than the motifs. When you have finished crocheting the individual motifs, place them with the left side up on a dress pattern that you place on a styrofoam plate and fix them with pins. Some also sew them on. Then you connect the motifs with the net (mesh). The mesh is made from chain stitch, double crochet and treble crochet and double treble.